Biblical stories

The Nativity of Jesus

Christmas releases a deep longing within us, which cannot be satisfied by consumption. Every Christmas we discover our internal hope for a meaningful life anew. You can satisfy this longing and reach this goal if you take the infant Jesus out of the manger. Take Him into your arms and into your life! Look unto the life and the redemptive act of Jesus of Nazareth. Pay attention to His words and follow his path. To celebrate Christmas in its original, Christian significance is a real joy; far away from stress and the weight of expectation – a joy for children as much as for adults. This DVD is meant for all who want to rediscover Christmas and experience it anew.
This bible story is retold fondly, professionally narrated and illustrated wonderfully. It takes us back to the beginning. The DVD is completed by games, songs and suggestions for crafts around Christmas, as well as by more tales and stories. Original bible scripture invites you to read and think along.  

PAL 16:9, stereo, english – 14 min. 
Available in german, english, french, italian, romanian and polish.

Price: 7,95 Euro plus postige – here you get the DVD.


Risen from the Death

Why do we celebrate Easter?
In between all those Easter eggs, Easter bonfire and Easter holidays, it becomes more and more difficult to discover the real meaning of Easter. However, we celebrate the most important feast of the church year. It is the most important event of human history what so ever: God, the creator of life, gives his own son Jesus, so that humankind can life in fellowship with him.You can rediscover the story behind Easter with this multimedia presentation. The impressive illustrations, the easy to understand explanatory notes and the empathetic background music take you into the passion of Jesus: Betrayal and denial, unrighteousness and pain, help and comfort, fear and violence …until the death on the cross.And still, in the midst of the finality of death the inconceivable is happening. Jesus resurrects from the dead and proclaims: “Whoever believes in me, will have eternal life.” God breaks through the finality of death and through the separation between him and humankind. The resurrected Jesus is the evidence of a new hope available to all people ever since: A life in fellowship with God is possible, even beyond death. This message of joy is inseparable linked to the celebration of Easter.

PAL 16:9, stereo, english, german, french, italian, spanish – 22 min. or
PAL 16:9, stereo, english, german, polish, romanian, – 22 min.


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 Noah & Reconiliation in Egypt (Double DVD)


One of the most famous biblical stories – An exciting tale with affectionate illustrations.More information about Noah and the flood is available on the data part of this dvd. You can access it on our computer. 

PAL 16:9, stereo, deutsch,– english,– français,– español,– românesc,– á 24 min.

Reconciliation in Egypt

The biblical story of Joseph and his brothers, who out of jealousy sell him into slavery. This multimedia show tells about God’s Guidance, grace and reconciliation – presented in impressive scences, beautifully illustrated.The DVD is completed by games, songs and suggestions for crafts around the story.

PAL 16:9, stereo, deutsch,– english. 29 min.  


Price: 9,80 Euro plus postige– here you can get the dvd.