DVDs for kids

We do Multimedia with a Message –for Children

The content from our dvds for kids consist exciting stories, which you can use in sunday school, children birthday party, sunday services for familiies, camps or kids bible study etc.

Some of the series includs conseption and copy template for invitation and also avaibile in foreign language. Pleae, don’t hesitate to ask us.

We are happy that we could distribute worldwide more than thousand dvds already. It is still our prayer that we can plant seeds through our dvd which will be bear fruits in the future and will give hope for the next generation.

Our greatest wish and aim is, that children all over the word will learn that God will save the whole world, each person. We are very thankfull if you can support us in translation or financially. If you have an idea for a DVD-Production we also would like to help you. Please ask us.

Biblical stories


At the moment we are offerring three presentation on DVD in various languages:

Risen From the Dead
avaiable in english, german, french, italian, spanish, romanian and polish 

The nativity of Jesus
avaiable in english, german, french, italian, romanian and polish

available in english, german, spanish, french, romanian, polish

Reconciliation in Egypt
available in english, german, french, romanian

for further information please write to dvd@aseba.de


Since 208 we produce dvds. We are happy about it, that we could distribute more than thousend dvds worldwide. We reach much more children and adults as we did in the past with the slide-series for rent. We hope and pray that the seed become fruits and throug this hope will growing for the next generation.

Our wish is, that children will hear, that God will save the world. From some countries we get translation of the stories with the ask to produce a dvd in their language. Or christians giving us a hand with the soundtrack. We are always looking for people who can do translation. Please ask. We are also very thankfull für financial support.

In those countries our dvd had been going so far: 


Egypt  Angola Angola,   Benin,  Ivory Coast,  Cameroon,  Kenya, Kongo Congo,  Senegal Senegal,  Tanzania, Republik Tschad Chad

South- and Northamerica: 

 Uruguay,  Argentina,  Chile,  Ecuador,  Dominican Republic,  Colombia,  Mexico,  Peru, Brasilien Brazil,  Canada,  USA


 Germany,  Austria,  Switzerland,  France,  Belgium,  Luxembourg, Rumänien Rumania MoldawienMoldova,  Spain,  Czech Republic,  Bulgaria,  Kazakhstan  Russia, –  GUS State,  Italy,  Poland, Ukraine Ukraine


 Jordan. Israel Israel,  Nepal,  Indonesia,  India, Thailand Thailand